Why Do I Need Flash?

It is not uncommon for someone to ask “Why do I need flash?  I really don’t have any performance problems”.  Sometimes there is a subtle reminder that:

We are an impatient society wanting instant infrastructure

I continue down the path of reminiscing by providing some of the following examples which generally draws some chuckles.

  • You had VHS so why did you need DVD? Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 6.57.59 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.36.09 AM
  • You had a VCR so why did you need TiVO or DVR?
  • You had a flip phone so why did you need a smart phone?
  • You had physical servers so why did you need virtual servers?
  • You had a book of maps so why did you need GPS?
  • You had tapes so why did you need CD’s or MP3’s?
  • You had Blockbusters so why did you need Netflix?
  • You had a polaroid camera so why did you need a digital camera?
  • You had a laptop so why did you need a tablet?
  • You had newspapers/magazines why did you need a Kindle?

I think we would all agree we saw advantages to the advancements in technology.  The general result has been positive.  As a parent of “connected children” I might debate the smartphone :).

I have been asked this very question around “Why do I need flash?” and it is a fair question.  Flash offers multiple dimensions of transformation and performance is one of those dimensions.  I continue to ask more questions around the current application performance and the infrastructure required to deliver on said results.  As an example, a customer was achieving 10ms of average response time. Not bad right?

The Infrastructure?

4 cabinets consisting of controllers, disks, batteries (160U)

The total capacity?

200TB usable

Why do I need flash?

In many cases, it is an opportunity to drastically improve on performance efficiency, capacity efficiency, operational efficiency, environmentals, and data center footprint just to name a few.  In the above example we could consolidate 160U into <32U.  Pure Storage can obviously take this further through our other unique programs (no software licensing, forever flash, no customer education, no professional services).

Lets not stop here, what else?

If we can drop the latency on average from 10ms to <1ms what does that mean to the business?  What part of your bottom line would be positively impacted if your applications were 1/10th the latency allowing for double or triple the productivity? Turning a process from an multiday to within a workday, or a once a day to a twice a day process is always transformational. It changes the cadence of the entire business.

In closing, flash provides instant infrastructure and 360 degrees of transformation to the business.  Come check out Pure Storage and see how we rescue you from the Big Storage practices and provide immediate transformation.  We look forward to the opportunity.

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